Ravemen PR2000 Front Light

Whistles and bells, indeed! The Ravemen PR2000 has just about everything you can pack into a bike light.

ravemen pr2000

Its features include a runtime display that reads actual time left until the light needs a charge, wireless remote control (which is incredible if you regularly scroll through modes), a USB output so it can charge your phone/GPS computer, and the option for boosting the battery on the go charging with a USB-C port.

At 214g, the PR2000 isn’t the lightest option, but it can pump out 2,000 lumens for a little over one hour, making it one of the brightest. It’s absolutely trail-ready for night conditions, and if you choose to use it on tarmac it’ll illuminate the darkest streets.

Bike light technology has come incredibly far over the past decade and Ravemen’s units won’t let you down.

AU Price $219.95

For more information visit ravemen.com

Cyclist Australia/NZ