Küat Piston Pro bike rack

Tow-bar mounted bike racks have made quite the comeback now everyone’s driving fancy SUVs and larger cars.

Küat Piston Pro

The Küat Piston Pro is premier kit, with hydro-pneumatic arms gripping the bike’s tyres firmly – there’s no contact with the bike’s frame.

The fitting mechanism is incredibly simple, too; all you do is open the arms using a push lever, place the bike on the rack, and then push in the arms to hug the tyres.

This model fits two bikes, with a 30kg capacity for each bike and a massive five-inch tyre capacity, so it can hold even the chunkiest e-bikes. There’s also capacity to add on more bikes if you’re on a road trip with your biking besties.

AU Pricing $1,899

For more information visit fesports.com.au

Cyclist Australia/NZ