Kask Elemento helmet

After recent updates to its Protone Icon and Utopia Y helmets, Kask’s road racing range was looking healthy.

And yet a mysterious design that wasn’t either of them was glimpsed on the heads of Ineos Grenadiers, which Kask has now revealed as the Elemento.

The helmet incorporates some novel features that Kask says results in better aerodynamic efficiency than the Protone, but also improved ventilation compared to the Utopia Y, forming a compromise between the two.

Its $650 pricetag puts it above both in Kask’s range and takes it to the absolute top end of the road helmet market, suggesting such a balance is not easily achieved.

On the safety side, the Elemento includes two new technologies called Fluid Carbon 12 and Multipod.

Fluid Carbon 12 refers to panels of carbon composite incorporated into the helmet shell that Kask says improves impact energy distribution.

‘We use longer fibres to create a structure like a cage or a net, which better protects from impact but also distributes the energies from one side of the helmet to the other, attenuating them better,’ says Luca Viano, Kask’s director of product.

A five-star rating from independent safety testing facility Virginia Tech certainly attests to the feature’s efficacy. Then there’s Multipod.

‘This is a system of 3D printed pads inside the helmet that act as rotational impact protection,’ says Viano.

‘We came up with a completely new structure, which was only possible due to new 3D design software.

Multipod is designed to work as an open cell foam, and the way it protects is by sliding and compressing, offering 10% more absorption than a typical helmet material.’

AU Pricing $650

For more information visit kask.com/en-au

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