Goodyear Eagle F1 R Tyres

The new Eagle F1 R all-round race tyre is part of a complete revamp of Goodyear’s road tyre line-up.

Goodyear Eagle F1

Which has seen the brand launch four new models, each available in a range of sizes, sidewall options and tubeless-readiness, for a total of 47 variants.

The F1 Rs use a new 120tpi ‘short-ply’ casing, which Goodyear says makes the tyre lighter and more supple as less fabric is required. Plus the tubeless tyres gain a ‘Dual Angle Bead’ update that Goodyear claims makes them easier to install.

The tyres are also said to benefit from refinements in rubber compound to make them grippier, while the brand’s R:Shield puncture protection is carried over in an attempt to ensure that while the tyres should be able to hold their own in a race, they’re also robust enough for the rides in between.

AU Pricing $99.99

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