Garmin Edge 1040 Solar

Garmin Edge 1040 Solar bike computer

Garmin has updated its popular Edge 1030 device with the new Edge 1040 Solar – which, as the name suggests, introduces solar charging capabilities to the brand’s flagship bike computer, extending battery life by a claimed 100 hours in battery saver mode, or 45 hours in more demanding conditions.

Garmin Edge 1040 solar

While we didn’t quite reach 100 hours during our review period, we can attest that over a fortnight of riding we didn’t need to charge the device at all.

Set-up of the 3.5-inch device is simple. If you’re already a Garmin user, all data transfers across seamlessly via the Garmin Connect smartphone app; if it’s your first time, the on-screen prompts are quick and easy to follow.

Other big changes include multi-band GNSS technology, improving the Edge’s positional accuracy and coverage; stamina insights, so you can monitor and track exertion levels in real time; and cycling ability analysis and course demands analysis, allowing you to classify strengths and weaknesses, focus on areas of improvements and prepare for the demands of specific courses.

The Edge 1040 Solar comes in at $1,299, or you can get the same device minus the solar-charging capabilities for $999.

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